Morning Oatmeal

I’ve never been one for new year resolutions; new season resolutions are more my style. With the coming of new weather and a change in the landscape, there is no better time to adopt new habits and resolve to live your life in new ways.

The coming of spring (and the beginning of April) marks a big change in my life: for the first time, ever, I’m no longer a student. Today, I pass in my Master’s research paper and leave the comforting confines of academia (at least for now). Since I was five, ‘student’ has been one of the significant ways in which I identify myself. Of course, after today, I can still call myself a student—I will never stop learning (especially about cooking and food)—and I may even find myself back in school at some point. But the case remains, today is a day of change.

So, starting today, I’ve posed a challenge to myself. Don’t get excited: it’s not very original. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the 30 days of yoga challenge (often offered at yoga studios with a reduced price tag). Well, I’ve resolved to do a little bit of yoga every day for the month of April. Not at a studio. Not with a class to motivate me. Not necessarily for an hour. But rather at home, by myself, when and for however long I choose.

Today, I did a solid half-hour of sun salutations and invigorating stretches. Who knows what tomorrow will look like but it will definitely involve some sort of yoga.

I followed my morning routine with a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Simmered oats (not the instant kind) have long been my go-to breakfast. Healthy, comforting and stomach-filling, it’s the perfect post-yoga breakfast. I like mine with walnuts, banana and a good dash of cinnamon. Here's how I make it...

Domestic Deborah’s Oatmeal
Serves 1

½ cup old-fashioned, large flake oats
1 cup cold water
Pinch of salt

Toppings of choice, such as: walnuts, almonds, fruit, maple syrup, honey, cinnamon.

In a small pot, combine oats, water and salt. Turn heat to medium and bring slowly to a boil. Once bubbling, cover with lid and remove from heat. Let sit for 3 minutes and then enjoy. 

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